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Coronavirus & Testimony of John G Lake

Every morning when I open my eyes, I’m bombarded by news of the Coronavirus in Wuhan, China. It is spreading pretty fast, especially at the epicentre. Lack of proper hygiene and medical facilities has made the situation worse. Surgical masks are flying off the shelves. People are fearful and panicky.  My friends, I declare Psalm 91 over you today.Continue reading “Coronavirus & Testimony of John G Lake”

The Art of Brokenness

Have you heard of the Kintsugi Art? Kintsugi means golden joinery or repair with gold.  Originated from Japan, it is the art of restoration that puts broken pottery back with gold power applied on lacquer. Every piece is broken differently so no two pieces are of the same design. This art highlights the “brokenness” of the pottery.Continue reading “The Art of Brokenness”

To Live A Life Of A Conqueror

Few days ago, someone shared a piece of news with me. A friend of ours committed suicide. He has been taking drugs, trying to get money from friends to pay for his addiction. He was tormented and felt hopeless. One Sunday afternoon, he dressed up in his best and jumped off from his bedroom window.Continue reading “To Live A Life Of A Conqueror”