Doing Vision Board With God

Merry Christmas to all my American friends. I had such a good Christmas Day celebration this year. Best Christmas ever. Since I started my sabbatical leave a week ago, I caught up with friends I hardly had time for. It was well spent and I totally enjoyed our time together. I guess I’m a lot more relax and I can enjoy myself more.

It’s Boxing Day in Singapore. After all the Christmas meals and celebration. I’m taking this day to rest and seek the Lord. It’s a luxury to wake up whenever I want to. Pop a sermon before worshipping The Lord. It’s amazing to connect with Him during worship. His warm embrace never fail to bring fears of joy to my face. I sang, laughed, casted my cares and enjoy His company.

Vision 2020

Do you have a vision board? How do you set your goals and resolution? According to statistics, almost 80% of new year resolution failed by February! That’s quickly right? This year, my church group decided to do a vision board together. The year 2020 also means 20/20 vision. I pray all of us will be able to enter the new year with crystal clear vision.

His Plan Not Mine

I used to give God a list of things I want to happen in my life. This year, I told The Lord that I have no plans. I’ll take whatever He gives me. He’s a good Father and all He gives me is sure good right? And it’s exciting to let Him plan for you. So as I was spending time with him today, The Lord has got presents for me! I was so excited and I opened 3 of them!!! And I got a bit overwhelmed after that 😁

First Present 🎁

The first box is golden box with red wrapper. I opened it and it’s a small carousel figurine! With music. It’s a lot elaborated than the picture below but you get the idea.

Second Present 🎁

The second box is blue with red ribbons. I opened it and saw a knife. I don’t like it but I pressed in and a saw a small book with names in it. Like a book of life!

Third Present 🎁

The third box is purple with maroon ribbons. It’s a figurine of a boy kissing a girl and there was an arc. It’s a wedding! Like the image below but it’s a figurine.

I shared the above with my mentor. She said that for the first box, God wanted to restore my childhood dream. What’s my childhood dream? Do I want to dance? She saw a ballerina! I was in tears. When I was little, I often imagine myself dancing. But my parents only signed me up for drawing lessons. So at age of 35, God wanted to restore my childhood dream of being a ballerina? 😂

Restoring Childhood Dreams

My mentor told me that it’s not to be a professional dancer but when I do it, it satisfies the soul. Well.. I’ll pray for open doors and adults ballet classes! Time to get flexible!

Book of Life 📖

For the second box, I have to forgive people who offended me. Alright! I have done that but will do that again since my mentor said so. I pray that all hidden sins and unforgiveness will be pluck out from my heart.

Restoring ❤️ Relationship

For the third box, I kept asking my mentor if it is from God. Was it my flesh or really God wanted to give me a partner? (I’m single for almost 7 years). I have the desire to be married but is it really from God?

She asked me why am I afraid? That shook me up. That is a desire that God gave me and naturally He want to fulfill it. Why do I doubt? Is it because I don’t think He is a good father or I do not think I am good enough? If people really know me, will they reject me? I was shaken at that thought.

My mentor encouraged me to follow my heart desire. I must be able to see it. If I have no vision, even when it comes, I’ll reject it because my spirit has been rejecting it. Her words of wisdom opened my eyes. I have to confront my fears because God want to bring a godly man into my life.

Doing vision is a very personal journey with God and I get to discover the desires that He has put in my heart. That helps me experience the love of the Father.

I prostrated myself before God and thank Him for His gifts. I humbly accepts His will and plan for my life. I repented for doubting and feeling unworthy. I do not deserve it and it’s purely by His grace and mercy. I thank Him for that childhood dream and that godly life partner ❤️

My church group will be coming together to do a vision board at end the year. So I have some items to put up! I shall continue to seek Him the next few days for His vision for me.

Seek His vision for your life

I’m excited!!!! I shall keep you guys posted. Gonna go for a run now to burn those calories!

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